What do you need?

Are you satisfied with your life? - Do you enjoy your work? - Is there something missing? - Do you need something to change?

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Let me present myself

My name is Lucia and this is my companies website. Now you might wonder what it is I really offer here?

Well without boring you telling you my story, I want this visit on my web to be about you. I want to know all about you, are you feeling satisfied with your life? Are you living that dream? Doing and enjoying all the wonderful things you would like to try out? If yes, then I really say congratulations. Please feel free and share by sending me your success story.

If you on the other hand, feel like I did not so long ago. That maybe, maybe the way I´m going on in life isn´t really working the way I imagined. That feeling of doing “everyday have too” on automate pilot. Not really enjoying work, not really having so much time with family and friends. Not having that time to travel and do your “bucketlist”. Well I guess this is completely normal and common for 90% of the population.

Do you believe things are going to change? And if they are, who is going to change them? You?

What is your absolute passion in life? Are you spending the most of your time doing this? If not, why?

I was in a point of my life where I only felt I existed as a Mom, which I of course love. But still I´m not only a mother, I´m me, hey you know, me! After having 5 children, two setts of twins I almost forgot about, me!! What is my passion what did I do before I started a family?

Why am I not spending my time doing all this wonderful things that fulfills me, that makes me happy?

Do you recognize this feeling? Would you like to share your story? Maybe work on something to change?

Feel free to join my work group on Facebook "Rewire with Lucy" and please share ,share your story!

If you don´t want to share in public feel free to share with me personally, send me your story on my e-mail myzenmarket@gmail.com

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Rewire with Lucy here

Are you visible out there?

The digital economy is still on the uprise don´t miss out
on riding the wave!

Need to Find out where to start?

Having trouble to take the next step forward? It doesn´t matter if you sell a product or a service we all sometimes get to that feeling of a dead end point in our lives. 

Maybe your just starting a new business? In that case please take a look at what my mentor Stuart has to say. He really got me started and informed me of the possibilities that a new bussines online gives you? Eather way that one rule applies to us all and that´s that you can´t go that step forward if you don´t know where your going. 

Listen to Stuart here

Finding out where you stand

To succeed in any step that you decide for yourself, your company or product to go, you have to precise where you are right now.

After really looking at the foundations of your business and starting point you can proceed and make the decisions that will plunge you at the right direction.

Make a plan

Once you have your foundations clear you can move on and make a blueprint for your sucess and growth. By planing bit by bit of your next move you will be able to control your own outcome and work to achive your future goals a litlle step at a time.



Look at our step by step checklist and feel free to contact us for a consultation where we discuss your vision and 

do some serious brainstorming to help you grow. Thinking about going international? Why not, knowledge is power and

experience i shareabel. We have the posibility to expand your services or product to Sweden,Czech republic and also Slovak republic, It´s up to you.

What platform will you use to reach your targetet audience? Social media, Websites, ads and emails? Maybe record a video and publish on You Tube, the options are many and it´s only for you to decide...

Checklist down below...



What are you really selling? 



Who are you trying to reach?



How do you want to get there?


Which tools will you use?


There are many ways to reach your future customers on the internet. whether you provide a service or a product you still must construct a “meeting” place online. When working in the Physical world we usually have a shop or an office where our clients can come and see what we offer. On the internet however, there are several ways to make this encounter happen...


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